J.D. Allen

Toys - Die Dreaming (SCD 2184)

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Toys - Die Dreaming

J.D. Allen



JZD 162207

SCD 2184



CD 12,38 €

Of JD Allen, Giovanni Russonello in The New York Times said, "Mr. Allen has become one of today's most exciting tenor saxophonists not by trying to spotlight his own virtuosity... but by defining a new way of playing in a group." Allen's current release, Toys / Die Dreaming, is his 14th as a leader and builds on his already rich recorded legacy. His compositions exhibit his philosophy of providing short melodies as the basis of both solo and group improvisation; "Get in and get out," as Allen likes to say. This gives his music a remarkable ever-transforming feel, as if the improvisation was actually part of the composition itself. To bring his music to life, Allen requires players of the utmost talent and creativity and he has certainly found them in bassist, Ian Kenselaar and drummer, Nic Cacioppo.


  • J.D. Allen - tenor saxophone
  • Ian Kenselaar - bass
  • Nic Cacioppo - drums


  • 01.You're My Thrill
  • 02. The G Thing
  • 03. Die Dreaming
  • 04. Red Label
  • 05. Toys
  • 06. I Should Care
  • 07. Elegua (the trickster)