Arto Lindsay

Largest Afternoon w/J. McPhee & K. Vandermark (JAZZ)

Largest Afternoon w/J. McPhee & K. Vandermark Agrandir l'image


Largest Afternoon w/J. McPhee & K. Vandermark

Arto Lindsay

Corbett vs. Dempsey


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Bringing together Chicago's long partnership of saxophonists Joe McPhee and Ken Vandermark with frequent Vandermark collaborator, drummer Phil Sudderberg, and New York guitarist Arto Lindsay, meeting on a winter afternoon in a Chicago studio to record these fifteen collective, freely improvised conversations of intense energy, unexpected twists and turns, and brilliant playing.


  • Arto Lindsay - guitar
  • Joe McPhee - alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, pocket trumpet
  • Ken Vandermark - tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, clarinet
  • Phil Sudderberg - drums

Recorded at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, Illinois, February 9th, 2019.


  • 01. Wether You Were There Or Not
  • 02. She Must Have Known
  • 03. Family Can Mean Many Things
  • 04. I Don't Like This Talk About Stains
  • 05. So What's Your Idea Of Epic
  • 06. Chords And Lakes And Approximate Sizes
  • 07. Head Down And Bend To One Side
  • 08. The Push And Pull Beneath The Surface
  • 09. The Distance Between The Door And The Car
  • 10. A Screen Door The Size Of A Building
  • 11. The World's Longest Afternoon
  • 12. The World's Largest Afternoon
  • 13. Sometimes I Can See It From Here
  • 14. When I Loose Any Sense Of Perspective
  • 15. Or Depth Of Field