Wadada Leo Smith

Sun Beans of Shimmering Light (AS 166)

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Sun Beans of Shimmering Light

Wadada Leo Smith

Astral Spirits

AS 166

DRJ 163448

AS 166



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Sun Beans of Shimmering Light is a fantastic set of improvised music by trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith, Jamaican-born woodwind player Douglas R. Ewart and drummer Mike Reed, all AACM musicians known for bringing a fresh perspective to any project.

This special encounter happened in 2015, but, only now is being released on the Astral Spirits label. As a true sensory catharsis, the music takes several forms, sometimes going from delightfully descriptive to energetically dynamic.

Each track churns with impressively cohesive ideas; all is improvised, nothing is disjointed. Hence, what Smith, Ewart and Reed do here resonates with musical assurance.


  • 01. Constellations and Conjunctional Spaces
  • 02. Sun Beans of Shimmering Light
  • 03. Super Moon Rising
  • 04. Unknown Forces
  • 05. Dark Tango