Michel Magne

Le Monocle Rit Jaune OST (Limited 7 Inch) (5050580755109)

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Le Monocle Rit Jaune OST (Limited 7 Inch)

Michel Magne

Jazz Room


LPS 164695




SINGLE - 7 INCH 14,03 €

7" EP, 45 RPM

Super cool jazz score by Michel Magne in the vein of 'Take Five'. Super rare too with original copies. Anyone who was into the earlier Jazz Room single release of Take Vibes version of Golden Brown' is going to want to get their hands on a copy of this! Regularly featured on Worldwide FM's / Gilles Peterson's playlist this is a must buy - limited pressing, don't miss!


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Le Monocle Rif Jaune .... 4:35
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Le Monocle Sourit ...... 0:30
  • B2. Monocle History ..... 3:42
  • B3. Le Monocle S'attendrit .... 1:25