Roscoe Mitchell

Dots - Pieces For Percussion And Woodwinds (WH-0360)

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Dots - Pieces For Percussion And Woodwinds

Roscoe Mitchell

Wide Hive


LPS 165231




LP 12,38 €

Legendary Jazz Composer Roscoe Mitchell returns with his most intriguing albums to date; ‘DOTS’. Roscoe plays solo Percussion, Saxophone, and an inspiring selection of other horns, woodwinds and most importantly, his own percussion instrument array.

On 19 new compositions Roscoe transcends time and space and delivers meditative masterpieces. Frequently called an innovative genius, Roscoe has a remarkable ability to catch the improvisational spark with a practiced and methodical accuracy


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Slow Ride 1
  • A2. Glide And Run
  • A3. Hey
  • A4. Oops
  • A5. Vast Horizons
  • A6. Startle
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Dots
  • B2. Let's Go There
  • B3. Do The Dang Thing
  • B4. Click
  • B5. Now The Color Blue
  • B6. Moving Bell
  • B7. Silence