Joao Gilberto

Joao Gilberto (Clear Vinyl) (MJJ332LP)

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Joao Gilberto (Clear Vinyl)

Joao Gilberto



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Clear Vinyl Edition

One of the most heavenly albums ever recorded – a sublime post-60s session by Joao Gilberto, one with even more fluid grace than his original bossa nova classics! The setting here is extremely spare – Joao on vocals and acoustic guitar, backed by only a slight bit of percussion – and recorded with an sound that's incredibly clear and incredibly precise – so that each gentle note, each slight rasp of the guitar comes through beautifully – as do Joao's breathily personal vocals!

There's a sense of poise and presence here that Gilberto hardly matched again – and that's saying a heck of a lot, given how great most of his other records already are. The whole thing's tremendous – a true treasure, and easily one of the top classics in Brazilian music from the 70s!


  • SIDE A
  • A1 Aguas de Março
  • A2 Undiu
  • A3 Na Baixe Do Sapateiro
  • A4 Avarando
  • A5 Falsa Baiana
  • SIDE B
  • B1 Eu Quero Um Samba
  • B2 Eu Vim Da Bahia
  • B3 Valsa
  • B4 E Preciso Saber Perdoar
  • B5 Izaura