Miles Okazaki - Trevor Dunn - Dan Weiss

Hive Mind (TZ 4036)

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Hive Mind

Miles Okazaki - Trevor Dunn - Dan Weiss



TZA 165837

TZ 4036



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A power trio of contemporary masters unlike any other! Miles Okazaki, Trevor Dunn and Dan Weiss are among the very best of a new generation of musicians working in the nexus of jazz, rock, noise, composition, improvisation and more.

All dedicated students of the esoteric, they come together here as Hive Mind, a collective trio, to perform some of the wildest freewheeling improvisations around. Three compositional minds weaving bizarre soundscapes through telepathic communication and surprising strategies'you have never heard such sounds!


  • Miles Okazaki - guitar
  • Trevor Dunn - bass
  • Dan Weisds - drums
  • Jon Zorn - alto sax on tracks 9 & 10

"Recording Date"


  • 01.Ball Of Light
  • 02.The Timing Is No Accident
  • 03.Havana Syndrome
  • 04.Smoking Gun
  • 05.Hidden In Plain Sight
  • 06.Indistinguishable Gray Expanse
  • 07.Mr. Efficient
  • 08.Pistons
  • 09.Insensitivity Training
  • 10.Release The Footage
  • 11.The Betz Sphere
  • 12.Wet Robo