Johnathan Blake

Homeward Bound (602438431908)

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Homeward Bound

Johnathan Blake

Blue Note


GEN 166066




CD 12,38 €

Drummer, composer, and bandleader Johnathan Blake's Blue Note debut is a narrative celebration of life and legacy featuring his quintet, Pentad, with Immanuel Wilkins, Joel Ross, David Virelles, and Dezron Douglas. A frequent presence on Blue Note records over the past several years, Blake has contributed his strong, limber pulse and airy precision to multiple leader releases from Blue note artists including Dr. Lonnie Smith and Kenny Barron.

1. In the Beginning Was the Drum
2. Homeward Bound (For Ana Grace)
3. Rivers & Parks
4. Shakin' the Biscuits
5. Abiyoyo
6. On the Break
7. LLL
8. Steppin' Out