Litto Nebbia

Bazar De Los Milagros (Limited Edition) (VAMPI 243)

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Bazar De Los Milagros (Limited Edition)

Litto Nebbia

Vampi Soul


LPS 166151




LP 22,30 €

Space jazz-folk masterpiece infused with prog scents from one of the true legends of Argentinian rock. Floating electric piano, acoustic guitar, female choirs and moog sounds combine with Litto’s own voice and create a unique blend of delicate beauty.

First vinyl reissue, including a facsimile version of the 32-page booklet that accompanied the original 1976 release, and remastered sound.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Bazar de los milagros
  • A2. El Nuevo Testamento
  • A3. Transeuntes
  • A4. La muerte y la mirada
  • SIDE B
  • B1. La caída
  • B2. Para Daniel
  • B3. Bituca
  • B4. Reflexiones sobre la soledad