Ayalew Mesfin

Mot Aykerim (You Can't Cheat Death) (NA 5205)

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Mot Aykerim (You Can't Cheat Death)

Ayalew Mesfin

Now Again


LPS 166248

NA 5205



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The last album in a crucial cycle of releases that bring together work from one of the most compelling singers on the Ethiopian scene of the 70s – a set whose title translates as "you can't cheat death" – and which has a vibe that's also echoed a bit in the music as well! The songs are maybe a bit less funky and a bit more moody – more long and drawn out, with the mix of jazzy instrumentation and complicated grooves that you'd find in early 70s Ethio recordings from Mulatu – although Ayalew Mesfin's bold, highly-inflected vocals always keep the singer at center stage – alongside unusual keyboard lines, strange horn tunings, and some very cool rhythms.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Megen Anchi Hoye (Your Amazing Self)
  • A2. Mot Aykerim (You Can't Cheat Death - Alternate Take)
  • A3. Weyolachew (I'm Warning You)
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Erikew Sidehu (When Distance Arises)
  • B2. Yetizitash Simet (The Feelings of Your Memory)
  • B3. Yedilu Shema (Victory Torch)
  • B4. Turi Turi Nafa (Lies and More Lies)