Ian Carr

Ian Carr's Nucleus: Roots (Limited Edition) (BEWITH102LP)

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Ian Carr's Nucleus: Roots (Limited Edition)

Ian Carr

Be With Records


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A really fantastic album from trumpeter Ian Carr and his legendary Nucleus group – a combo who are really right on the money here, finding their own sort of space at a level that's very different than some of the other rock/jazz projects on the UK scene at the time!

There's often a lot more space between the notes going on here than on more jamming, more progressive records – a laidback groove that's wonderfully soulful, and which ties this Nucleus set a bit more strongly to American jazz funk that was rising up at the time – or maybe like some of the better Euro work by groups like Cortex or Placebo!

Ian Carr leads the group on trumpet, Dave MacRae plays a lot of great keyboards, and Brian Smith blows strong solos on tenor, soprano, and flute


  • Ian Carr - trumpet
  • Brian Smith - tenor & soprano sax, flute
  • Dave MacRae - piano, electric piano
  • Jocelyn Pitchen - guitar
  • Roger Sutton - bass guitar
  • Clive Thacker - drums
  • Aureo de Souza - percussion
  • Joy Yates - vocals

Recorded in London, August 1973


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Roots
  • A2. Images
  • A3. Caliban
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Whapatiti
  • B2. Capricorn
  • B3. Odokamona
  • B4. Southern Roots And Celebration