Boris Kozlov

First Things First (PR8226)

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First Things First

Boris Kozlov



POS 166835




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Bassist and bandleader Boris Kozlov defies expectations and redefines what it means to put "First Things First.” Producer Marc Free sends Kozlov out along an ambitious course for his Posi-Tone debut, and with a steady hand, bassist Kozlov confidently directs a mighty quintet of top notch musicians. Saxophonist Donnie McCaslin, vibraphonist Behn Gillece, keyboardist Art Hirahara and drummer Rudy Royston keep moving freely over the solid harmonic foundation provided by Kozlov’s playing and leadership.

While many jazz fans have yet to become acquainted with the music of Kozlov, the time has come to travel together beyond the simply straight ahead and to color outside the lines. We are confident that the music on this album will bring delight to the ears of serious listeners, navigating steadily away from the known and familiar and move swiftly out into the uncharted depths of modern collective improvisation to uncover a new sound in time and space.


  • Boris Kozlov (bass)
  • Donny McCaslin (sax, alto flute)
  • Art Hirahara (piano, Rhodes, organ)
  • Behn Gillece (vibraphone)
  • Rudy Royston (drums, percussion)


  • 01. Page One
  • 02. Flow
  • 03. The More Things Change
  • 04. I.S. Adventure
  • 05. Aftermath
  • 06. Second Line Sally
  • 07. Viscous
  • 08. Mind Palace
  • 09. Warm Sand
  • 10. Once A Fog In Babylon
  • 11. Eclipse