Hania Rani

Music for Film and Theatre (Limited Edition) (GONDLP045)

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Music for Film and Theatre (Limited Edition)

Hania Rani

Gondwana Records


LPS 166913




LP 22,30 €

‘Music For Film And Theatre’ sees Polish pianist Hania Rani hand-pick some of her favourite compositions she’s crafted for various film and stage productions over the years, notably housing some that didn’t actually make the final cuts for inclusion in their respective soundtracks.

With glorious pieces from works for films ‘xAbo: Father Boniecki’ and ‘I Never Cry’, plus the Michal Zdunik-produced play ‘Pradziady’, it’s essential ownership for fans of Hani’s work.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Prayer (From Xabo: Father Boniecki)
  • A2. In Between (From Xabo: Father Boniecki)
  • A3. Journey (From Xabo: Father Boniecki)
  • A4. Trip To Ireland (From I Never Cry)
  • A5. The Beach (From I Never Cry)
  • A6. The Locker Room (From I Never Cry)
  • A7. At The Hospital (From I Never Cry)
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Waiting (From At Home)
  • B2. Wildfires (From Truth in Fire)V
  • B3. Ghosts (From Pradziady)
  • B4. Soleil Pâle
  • B5. Nora (From Nora)