Jorge Ben

Jorge Ben (Tropicalia Cover 1968) (ACL0077 LP)

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Jorge Ben (Tropicalia Cover 1968)

Jorge Ben

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LPS 167045

ACL0077 LP



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Jorge Ben is the sixth studio album by Brazilian singer-songwriter and guitarist Jorge Ben. It was released in November 1969 by Philips Records. The album was his first recording for a major label since 1965 when his first stint with Philips ended due to creative differences.

Ben recorded the album alongside producer Manoel Barenbein, the vocal/percussion band Trio Mocotó, and an orchestral section arranged by José Briamonte and Rogério Duprat. It was written by Ben during his previous few years performing independently and developing his unique samba-based style.

He incorporated psychedelic and soul music for this lively recording, while his quirky lyrics dealt with everyday life, romances with women, Afro-Brazilian identity, and self-awareness.

Guido Alberi's iconic cover for the album also drew on psychedelic influences in its pop-art illustration of Ben and symbols of contemporary Brazilian culture.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Crioula
  • A2. Domingas
  • A3. Cadê Teresa
  • A4. Barbarella
  • A5. País Tropical
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Take It Easy My Brother Charles
  • B2. Descobri que Eu Sou um Anjo
  • B3. Bebete Vãobora
  • B4. Quem Foi que Roubou a Sopeira de Porcelana Chinesa que a Vovó Ganhou da Baronesa?
  • B5. Que Pena
  • B6. Charles Anjo 45