Christopher Fox

Hieroglyphs - This is The Wind (ezz-thetics 1030)

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Hieroglyphs - This is The Wind

Christopher Fox



EZZ 167145

ezz-thetics 1030



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‘Hieroglyph’ is a word that history has gradually prised away from its linguistic roots as the Greek term for sacred carvings. Over time it came to be associated principally with the enigmatic symbols found in Egyptian burial sites and because these symbols resisted translation for so many centuries the word hieroglyph became a synonym for incomprehensibility.

It was the discovery of an artefact – the socalled Rosetta Stone‘, containing both hieroglyphs and parallel texts in other scripts – that in the early 19th century made translation possible: understand one text and the decoding could begin. Perhaps we follow a similar path when we listen to unfamiliar music. But what are the parallel texts: titles, other music that sounds similar, or a text like this? - Christopher Fox


  • Jonathan Chazan (tenor saxophone)
  • Dennis Sobolev (electric guitar)
  • Dan Weinstein (cello)
  • Ido Akov (piano)
  • Yael Barolsky (violin)

Tel Aviv, 9th August to 2nd September 2021


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  • 02 Interference
  • 03 Mouth
  • 04 Idaho
  • 05 Paralogos (a) + (y) (2021)
  • 06 Planes and folds (2018)
  • 07 Paralogos (c) + (x) (2021)
  • 08 Hieroglyph (2020)
  • 09 Paralogos (b) + (z) (2021)
  • 10 Shamal
  • 11 Chaf
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