Andrea Motis

Loop Holes (AM CD 001)

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Loop Holes

Andrea Motis

Jazz To Jazz


GEN 167624

AM CD 001



CD 12,38 €


Andrea Motis is back with her latest solo project, Loopholes. Motis is a central part of the Spanish jazz scene, and on this new album, she embarks on a search for a completely new, unconventional style with her own compositions and those of her comrade-in-arms Christoph Mallinger. The compositions borrow from electric jazz, funk, and neo-soul. The twelve tracks feature Motis singing in Catalan, her mother tongue, as well as in Spanish, Portuguese, English, and German, and comments on her vocal expression alternately – trained on both instruments – with trumpet or saxophone.


  • Andrea Motis (vocals, trumpet)
  • Christoph Mallinger (guitar, mandoline, violin)
  • Magalí Datzira (bass)
  • Adrià González (keyboard)
  • Juan Berbín (drums)


  • 01. Overture
  • 02. El pescador
  • 03. Deixa't anar
  • 04. I Had to Write a Song for You
  • 05. Babies
  • 06. Loopholes
  • 07. Jungla
  • 08. Espera
  • 09. Heat
  • 10. Calima
  • 11. Life After Dark
  • 12. Ade