Frans Elsen

Norway feat. Piet Noordijk (Limited Gatefold) (NJA 2101-LP)

Norway feat. Piet Noordijk (Limited Gatefold) Agrandir l'image

Norway feat. Piet Noordijk (Limited Gatefold)

Frans Elsen

Dutch Jazz Archives


LPS 167912

NJA 2101-LP



LP 33,04 €


That's a Fender Rhodes on the cover, and there's lots of it on the record too – played by Frans Elsen with a wonderful sound, in a range of different settings – all heard here on rare tracks from the 70s that were never commercially issued at the time!

Frans has a fantastic sound on the keys – an approach that's more in the European use of the Rhodes than some of the American recordings of the time – maybe the style you'd hear from Michael Naura, or some of the players on MPS – with a great focus on tone, a nicely spacious quality, and a strong ear for the other sidemen on the dates!

The lineup here shifts throughout – there's initially four tracks with a septet that includes Piet Noordijk on alto, Eddie Engels on trumpet, and Wim Overgaauw on guitar – then more with Ferdinand Povel joining the group on tenor and flute, and a few others that switch bassist Victor Kaihatu for Rob Langereis, who's on the first four numbers.


  • Leo van Oostrom, Piet Noordijk (alto sax)
  • Herman Schoonderwalt (baritone sax)
  • Rob Langereis, Victor Kaihatu (bass guitar)
  • Frans Elsen (conductor)
  • Eric Ineke, Tony Inzalaco (drums)
  • Frans Elsen (electric piano)
  • Jan Huydts (electirc piano, soloist)
  • Eddie Engels (flugelhorn)
  • Ferdinand Povel (flute)
  • Wim Overgaauw (guitar)
  • Wim van der Beek (percussion)
  • Henk Elkerbout (piano)
  • Dick Vennik, Ferdinand Povel, Ruud Brink (tenor sax)
  • Bart Van Lier, Erik Van Lier, Hans de Ruyter, Rudy Bosch (trombone)
  • Cees Smal, Eddie Engels, Fons Diercks, Klaas Wit, Wim Kuylenburg (trumpet)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Ringebu
  • A2. Harpefoss
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Skåbu
  • B2. Otta
  • B3. Mordor
  • B4. Whirligig
  • B5. Ah-Mooh
  • B6. Ringebu II
  • B7. Ringebu I
  • SIDE C
  • C1. Harpefoss
  • C2. Skåbu (Live)
  • SIDE D
  • D1. Otta (Live
  • D2. Skåbu