Larry Rose

Larry Rose Band: The Jupiter Effect (Limited Editi (194491513122)

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Larry Rose Band: The Jupiter Effect (Limited Editi

Larry Rose



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Larry Rose plays some mighty sweet keyboards on this late 70s set – electric piano, organ, and other keys as well – and also sings a fair bit on the record, in this great blend of jazz, soul, and some tighter modes of the time!

The approach is maybe a bit in the territory of jazzy soul – or maybe electric jazz with vocals – and although Larry hails from the US, the whole thing was recorded in Holland – which maybe gives it a bit of a tie to some of the warmer European fusion modes of the period!

Production is nice and lean – never too slick or commercial, which means that even some of the more AOR-styled moments come off with a down-home vibe – and all titles are originals by members of the group.


  • Larry Rose - (electric & acoustic piano, organ, synthesizer)
  • Stanley Davis - (bass, acoustic guitar)
  • Paul Pinto - (acoustic & electric guitar)
  • Toon Janssen - (drums, percussion)
  • Theo Van Halen - (soprano & tenor sax)
  • Among others


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Papa
  • A2. Blues Are Dyin’
  • A3. Nana
  • A4. Looking
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Who Conned The Lady
  • B2. Oregon
  • B3. Lucina
  • B4. The Sand