Harold Mckinney

Voices & Rhythms of The Creative Profile (Limited (NA 5212LP)

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Voices & Rhythms of The Creative Profile (Limited

Harold Mckinney

Now Again


LPS 169206

NA 5212LP



LP 33,04 €

One of the most righteous albums ever issued by the always-righteous Tribe Records label of Detroit – a really collective effort, one that features ensemble vocals and spiritual jazz – all pulled together by pianist Harold McKinney!

The album showcases a group named Voices Of The Creative Profile – formed by McKinney to accompany his Creative Profile instrumental group – and the overall style is a great blend of spiritual soul jazz that gives equal time to the voices and instruments in the set. Gwen McKinney heads up the vocal ensemble, and other players on the set include Wendell Harrison on flute, Marcus Belgrave on trumpet, Billy Turner on percussion, and Ed Pickins on bass. Also features some cool moog from Darryl Dybka


  • Harold McKinney - (leader, piano, vocals)
  • Gwen McKinney - (vocals)
  • Marcus Belgrave - (trumpet)
  • Wendell Harrison - (flute)
  • Darryl Dybka - (moog)
  • Ed Pickins - (bass)
  • Ron Jackson - (drums)
  • Billy Turner- (percussion)
  • Charles Miles - (congas)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Ode To Africa
  • A2. Heavenese
  • A3. Out Of The Blues
  • SIDE B
  • B1. In The Moog
  • B2. Corner Stone
  • B3. Freedom Jazz Dance
  • B4. Dolphin Dance