Matthias Lindermayr

Sequence w/ Matthieu Bordenave (Limited Ed.) (4251804135405)

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Sequence w/ Matthieu Bordenave (Limited Ed.)

Matthias Lindermayr



LPS 169227




LP 22,30 €

Following his trio debut ‘Triptych’, trumpeter Matthias Lindermayr presents his duo record ‘Sequence’ with long-time companion Matthieu Bordenave on tenor saxophone.

In contrast to its technical title, ‘Sequence’ is a very lyrical record, sacral at times. Like two figure skaters, the voices gracefully glide along and whirl around in perfect synch, always sensing where the other one is going. A fitting comparison also, as the recording session was equally exhausting, due to the level of concentration required to perform this music. The minimalist line-up and the hyper-focused playing gives the album both a breath-like purity and solemn depth.


  • Matthias Lindermayr - (trumpet)
  • Matthieu Bordenvave - (tenor sax)

Recorded at Mastermix Studios, Munich on December 28, 2021


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Blue
  • A2. Zaraska
  • A3. Cuentro
  • A4. Newrak
  • A5. Eva
  • A6. 7.11.19
  • A7. Anouar
  • A8. Interlude I
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Interlude II
  • B2. Januar
  • B3. Rocinante
  • B4. Nuuk
  • B5. Arpeggio
  • B6. Interlude III
  • B7. Medeo
  • B8. Westzone