William Parker

Universal Tonality (CENT 1030)

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Universal Tonality

William Parker



AUM 169410

CENT 1030



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Presented in deluxe 2-CD set in 6-panel digipak with 13x13" poster insert, William Parker's Universal Tonality is an epic archival recording which brings the titular concept to full, vibrant life. An exquisite example of this system in practice, it features a truly once-in-a-lifetime assembly of creative music luminaries and legends, including Billy Bang, Grachan Moncur III, Jerome Cooper, Dave Burrell, Jin Hi Kim, Joe Morris, Miya Masaoka, Daniel Carter, Jason Kao Hwang and Gerald Cleaver.

Clocking in at nearly two hours and featuring six extended pieces flowing across two discs, Universal Tonality documents a performance that took place at Roulette, NYC in December 2002. Parker invited 16 musicians of various ages, cultures and musical backgrounds to join him in an experiment of "breathing together."

The constant current of inspiration, and open, receptive communication, was present at Roulette that night, and it's on full display on this magical recording. Whether embodying a roof-raising big band, or an intimate cross-cultural chamber ensemble, the collective heard here always displays an impressive coherence and sensitivit


  • William Parker - (bass)
  • Jin Hi Kim - (komungo)
  • Miya Masaoka - (koto)
  • Billy Bang, Jason Kao Hwang - (violin)
  • Joe Morris - (guitar)
  • Dave Burrell - (piano)
  • Leena Conquest - (voice)
  • Steve Swell, Grachan Monchur III - (trombone)
  • Daniel Carter - (reeds, brass)
  • Matt Lavelle - (trumpet)
  • Rob Brown - (alto saxophone)
  • Cale Bradley - (tenor saxophone)
  • Jerome Cooper - (balafon, chiramía, keys, drums)
  • Roger Blank - (balafon)
  • Gerald Cleaver - (drums)


  • CD ONE
  • 01. Tails Of A Peacock
  • 02. Cloud Texture (death has died today)
  • 03. Leaves Gathering (headed back to tree)
  • CD TWO
  • 01. Silver Sunshine
  • 02. All Entrances (it is for you the sun rises)
  • 03. Open System One