Sonny Knight and the Lakers

Do It Live (Limited Gatefold Edition) (SSR36)

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Do It Live (Limited Gatefold Edition)

Sonny Knight and the Lakers

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2014 was both amazing and unexpected for Sonny Knight and the Lakers, and Do It Live showcases the band at their peak following a year of hard touring. The release of their debut album, I’m Still Here, nearly 50 years after a young Sonny recorded his first single, kicked off a growing list of firsts, including a successful international tour and attention from the likes of NPR’s World Café and WBEZ’s Sound Opinions.

Between their album release party in May and the end of the year, the group built their live show into a full-blown extravaganza. Clocking in at just under 90 minutes of straight, seamless music, the show is reminiscent of the tightly orchestrated performances that graced stages years ago at theaters like the Apollo, Fox, Howard, Regal, Royal, and Uptown.


  • LP ONE
  • A1. The Lion Of Lyndale / Introduction
  • A2. Juicy Lucy
  • A3. Get Up And Dance
  • A4. Through With You
  • B1. Sonny's Booglaoo
  • B2. Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
  • B3. Day Tripper
  • B4. Baby, Baby, Baby
  • _______________________
  • LP TWO
  • C1. It's You For Me
  • C2. Sock A Poo Poo
  • C3. When You're Gone
  • C4. Cave Man
  • D1. I'm Still Here Part 1
  • D2. I'm Still Here Part 2
  • D3. Sugar Man
  • D4. Hey Girl