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Complete Dial Modern Jazz Sessions (MCD9-260)

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Complete Dial Modern Jazz Sessions

Various Artists

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Complete Dial Modern Jazz Sessions

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Each Mosaic project falls into at least one of three categories. Some sets we know will be significant because of the demand for a hard-to-find jazz artist or the unique scope of a Mosaic box. Some sets we bring out because, popular or not, the music must be heard. And sometimes… we just love it. Want it. Have to have it. Which brings us to The Complete Dial Masters. As the saying goes, check all the boxes.

As most jazz fans know, among the most important records to hear in your life are Charlie Parker's Dial Sessions, recorded between 1946 and 1947. They are classics with Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Howard McGee, Wardell Gray, J. J. Johnson, Duke Jordan, Teddy Edwards, Teddy Wilson, Errol Garner, Tommy Potter, Max Roach and others.

But Dial was way more than Parker. It was a microcosm of the explosive changes happening at a moment in time. And we have everything. Every master, every important alternate, and many intriguing false starts, on nine CDs. The set was only previously collected in Japan 20 years ago. Now it's available worldwide at last, if you hurry.


(A) RED NORVO & HIS SELECTED SEXTET: WOR Recording Studios, New York, June 6, 1945.

(B) DIZZY GILLESPIE JAZZMEN: Electro Broadcast Studios, Glendale, Ca , February 5, 1946.

(C) TEMPO JAZZMEN: Electro Broadcast Studios, Glendale, Ca, February 5, 1946.

(D) CHARLIE PARKER SEXTET: Radio Recorders, Hollywood, March 28. 1946.

C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood, July 29. 1946.

C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood - September 21. 1946.

(G) HOWARD McGHEE SEXTET / DODO MARMAROSA SEXTET: C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood, October 18. 1946.

Private Recording at the home of Charlie Kopely, Hollywood - February 1, 1947.

(I) CHARLIE PARKER QUARTET / ERROLL GARNER TRIO: C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood, February 19. 1947

(J) CHARLIE PARKER ALL STARS: C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood - February 26. 1947.

(K) DEXTER GORDON QUINTET: C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood - June 5. 1947

(L) ERROLL GARNER solo piano: C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood - June 10., 1947

C.P. MacGregor Studios, Hollywood, June 12. 1947.

(N) CHARLIE PARKER QUINTET: WOR Studios, New York, October 28. 1947

(O) CHARLIE PARKER QUINTET: WOR Studios, New York, November 4, 1947

(P) HOWARD McGHEE SEXTET: WOR Studios, New York, December 3. 1947

(Q) DODO MARMAROSA TRIO: C.P. Macgregor Studios, Hollywood, December 3. 1947

(R) DEXTER GORDON - TEDDY EDWARDS: C.P. Macgregor Studios, Hollywood, December , 4, 1947

(S) CHARLIE PARKER SEXTET:WOR Studios, New York City - December 17, 1947.

(T) EARL COLEMAN & FATS NAVARRO: WOR Studios, New York, November 29. 1948


01. Hallelujah (tk.A) (A)
02. Hallelujah (tk.B) (A)
03. Hallelujah (tk.F) (A)
04. Get Happy (tk B) (A)
05. Get Happy (tk D) (A)
06. Slim Slam Blues (tk.A) (A)
07. Slim Slam Blues (tk.B) (A)
08. Congo Blues (false start 1) (A)
09. Congo Blues (false start 2) (A)
10. Congo Blues (tk A) (A)
11. Congo Blues (tk B) (A)
12. Congo Blues (tk.C) (A)
13. Play Piano, Play (L)
14. Love Is The Strangest Game (tk.A) (L)
15. Love Is The Strangest Game (tk.B) (L)
16. Blues Garni (L)
17. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me (tk.A) (L)
18. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me (tk.B) (L)
19. Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me (tk C) (L)
20. Loose Nut (L)
21. Love For Sale (L)
23. Sloe Gin Fizz (L)


01. Diggin’ Diz (B)
02. Confirmation (C)
03. Diggin’ For Diz (C)
04. Dynamo A (Dizzy Atmosphere) (tk.A) (C)
05. Dynamo B (Dizzy Atmosphere) (tk.B) (C)
06. When I Grow Too Old To Dream (C)
07. ‘Round Midnight (tk.A) (C)
08. ‘Round Midnight (tk.B) (C)
09. Moose The Mooche (tk.1) (D)
10. Moose The Mooche (tk.2) (D)
11. Moose The Mooche (tk.3) (D)
12. Yardbird Suite (tk.1) (D)
13. Yardbird Suite (tk.4) (D)
14. Ornithology (tk.1) (D)
15. Ornithology (tk.3) (D)
16. Ornithology (tk.4) (D)
17. The Famous Alto Break (D)
18. A Night In Tunisia (tk.4) (D)
19. A Night In Tunisia (tk.5) (D)


01. Max Making Wax (E)
02. Lover Man (E)
03. The Gypsy (E)
04, Bebop (E)
05. Trumpet At Tempo (E)
06. Thermodymanics (E)
07. Curbstone Scuffle (tk.F) (F)
08. Curbstone Scuffle (tk.G) (F)
09. Nocturne (F)
10. Woodchopper’s Holiday (tk.C) (F)
11. Woodchopper’s Holiday (tk.D) (F)
12. Somebody Loves Me (tk.E) (F)
13. Somebody Loves Me (tk.F) (F)
14. Blue Serge (F) (tk.A) (F)
15. Blue Serge (F) (tk.B/C) (F)
16. Dialated Pupils (tk.4) (G)
17. Dialated Pupils (tk.5) (G)
18. Midnight At Minton’s (G)
19. Up In Dodo’s Room (tk.1) (G)
20. Up In Dodo’s Room (tk.2) (G)
21. High Wind In Hollywood (G)


01. Yardbird Suite (H)
02. Blues On The Sofa (H)
03. Kopely Plaza Blues (H)
04. Lullaby In Rhythm (part 1) (H)
05. Lullaby In Rhythm (part 2) (H)
06. Home Cooking 1 (Opus) (H)
07. Home Cooking 2 (Cherokee) (H)
08. Home Cooking 3 (I Got Rhythm) (H)
09. This Is Always (tk.C) (I)
10. This Is Always (tk.D) (I)
11. Dark Shadows (tk.A) (I)
12. Dark Shadows (tk.B) (I)
13. Dark Shadows (tk.C) (I)
14. Dark Shadows (tk.D) (I)
15. Bird’s Nest (tk.A) (I)
16. Bird’s Nest (tk.B) (I)
17. Bird’s Nest (tk.C) (I)
18. Cool Blues (tk.A) (I)
19. Cool Blues (tk.B) (I)
20. Cool Blues (tk.C) (I)
21. Cool Blues (tk. D) (I)
22. Pastel (Please Let Me Forget) (I)
23. Trio (tk.A) (I)
24. Trio (tk.B) (I)


01. Relaxin’ At Camarillo (tk.A) (J)
02. Relaxin’ At Camarillo (tk.C) (J
03. Relaxin’ At Camarillo (tk.D) (J)
04. Relaxin’ At Camarillo (tk.E) (J)
05. Cheers (tk.A) (J)
06. Cheers (tk.B) (J)
07. Cheers (tk.C) (J)
08. Cheers (tk.D) (J)
09. Carvin’ The Bird (tk.A) (J)
10. Carvin’ The Bird (tk.B) (J)
11. Studendous (tk.A) (J)
12. Studendous (tk.B) (J)
13. Mischievous Lady (tk.D) (K)
14. Mischievous Lady (tk.E) (K)
15. Lullaby In Rhythm (tk.C) (K)
16. Lullaby In Rhythm (tk.F) (K)


01. The Chase (false start) (M)
02. The Chase (M)
03. Chromatic Aberration (tk.B) (M)
04. Chromatic Aberration (tk.C) (M)
05. It’s The Talk Of The Town (tk.A) (M)
06. It’s The Talk Of The Town (tk.B) (M)
07. Bikini (M)
08. Dexterity (tk.A) (N)
09. Dexterity (tk.B) (N)
10. Bongo Bop (tk.A) (N)
11. Bongo Bop (tk.B) (N)
12. Dewey Square (tk.A) (N)
13. Dewey Square (tk.B) (N)
14. Dewey Square (tk.C) (N)
15. The Hymn (tk.A) (N)
16. The Hymn (tk.B) (N)
17. Bird Of Paradise (tk.A) (N)
18. Bird Of Paradise (tk.B) (N)
18. Bird Of Paradise (tk.C) (N)
20. Embraceable You (tk.A) (N)
21. Embraceable You (tk.B) (N)


01. Bird Feathers (O)
02. Klact-Oveeseds-Tene (tk.A) (O)
03. Klact-Oveeseds-Tene (tk.B) (O)
04. Scrapple From The Apple (tk.B) (O)
05. Scrapple From The Apple (tk.C) (O)
06. My Old Flame (O)
07. Out Of Nowhere (tk.A) (O)
08. Out Of Nowhere (tk.B) (O)
09. Out Of Nowhere (tk.C) (O)
10. Don’t Blame Me (O)
11. Dorothy (P)
12. Night Mist (tk.A) (P)
13. Night Mist (tk.B) (P)
14. Coolie-Rini (P)
15. Night Music (P)
16. Turnip Blood (tk.A) (P)
17. Turnip Blood (tk.B) (P)
18. Surrender (P)
19. Sleepwalker Boogie (P)
20. Stop Time Blues (P)
21. You (P)


01. Bopmatism (tk.C) (Q)
02. Bopmatism (tk.F) (Q)
03. Dodo’s Dance (tk.A) (Q)
04. Dodo’s Dance (tk.C) (Q)
05. Trade Winds (tk.A) (Q)
06. Trade Winds (tk.C) (Q)
07. Dary Departs (tk E) (Q)
08. Dary Departs (tk.F) (Q)
09. Dary Departs (tk.G) (Q)
10. Cosmo Street (tk.D) (Q)
11. Cosmo Street (tk.E) (Q)
12. Ghost Of A Chance (tk.C) (R)
13. Ghost Of A Chance (tk,E) (R)
14. Sweet And Lovely (tk.A) (R)
15. Sweet And Lovely (tk.D) (R)
16. Horning In (tk.C) (R)
17. The Duel (tk.D) (R)
18. Blues In Teddy’s Flat (tk.A) (R)


01. Drifting On A Reed (tk.B) (S)
02. Drifting On A Reed (tk.D) (S)
03. Drifting On A Reed (tk.E) (S)
04. Quasimado (tk.A) (S)
05. Quasimado (tk.B) (S)
06. Charlie’s Wig (tk.B) (S)
07. Charlie’s Wig (tk.D) (S)
08. Charlie’s Wig (tk.E) (S)
09. Bongo Beep (tk.B) (S)
10. Bongo Beep (tk.C) (S)
11. Crazeology (excerpt A) (S)
12. Crazeology (excerpt B) (S)
13. Crazeology (tk.C) (S)
14. Crazeology (tk.D) (S)
15. How Deep Is The Ocean (tk. A) (S)
16. How Deep Is The Ocean (tk. B) (S)
17. Guilty (T)
18. Yardbird Suite (T)
19. A Stranger In Town (T)
20. As Time Goes By (T)
21. Move (tk.A) (T)
22. Move (tk.B) (T)