Tenor Ahead (FSR 2255)

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Tenor Ahead

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Tenor Ahead

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Featuring: Richie Kamuca (ts), Conte Candoli (tp), Frank Rosolino (tb), Bill Holman (bs), Pete Jolly, Vince Guaraldi, Carl Perkins (p), Leroy Vinnegar, Monty Budwig (b), Stan Levey (d)

Includes extensive booklet with recording details, extensive notes and rare photos.

You rarely heard his name mentioned among the greatest of his instrument, but Richie Kamuca (1930-1977) was a superb tenor saxophonist who deserved better recognition in his lifetime. He led a fine well-rounded career in big bands, and his gifts as a soloist made him much in demand in small groups. If, initially, his languid, laid-back swing, light tone and lithe phrasing marked him as a Lester Young alumnus, over the years he developed into a hard-driving soloist with a distinctive style of his own.

Although he left us an extensive recorded legacy as a sideman, he also left some very distinguished albums as a leader, rarities to treasure. Over thirty years after his death, this CD set aims to revive an essential part of the musical legacy of a rare and unforgettable talent.


01. If I Should Lose You (Rainger-Robin) 4:19 (*) Bonus Track
02. Blue Jazz (Bill Holman) 4:22
03. Stella by Starlight (Young-Washington) 3:20
04. Linger Awhile (Rose-Owens) 3:44
05. It’s You or No One (Styne-Cahn) 4:02
06. Just Friends (Klenner-Lewis) 5:22
07. Rain Drain (Richie Kamuca) 3:34
08. What’s New (Haggart-Burke) 2:28
09. Early Bird (Carl Perkins) 4:12
10. Nevertheless (Kalmar-Ruby) 6:16
11. My One and Only Love (Wood-Mellin) 3:34
12. Fire One (Carl Perkins) 2:10
13. Cherokee (Ray Noble) 3:01
14. 'Way Down Under (Bill Holman) 3:33
15. Angel Eyes (Dennis-Brent) 3:59
16. Star Eyes (Raye-DePaul) 4:38
17. I Hadn’t Anyone Till You (Ray Noble) 4:24
18. The Things We Did Last Summer (Styne-Cahn) 4:38
19. Indiana (Hanley-MacDonald) 4:34

Track #1: from the World Pacific Jazz album “Solo Flight” JWC-505
Tracks #2-5 and #14-19 from the Hi-Fi Record album “Jazz Erotica” R-604*
Tracks #6-13 from the Mode album “Richie Kamuca Quartet” LP-102

* Previous CD releases of this album stated erroneously that it had been recorded in 1959.


RICHIE KAMUCA Quartet: Richie Kamuca (ts), Pete Jolly (p on #1), Vince Guaraldi (p on #2-5), Carl Perkins (p on #6-13), Leroy Vinnegar (b on #1, 6-13), Monty Budwig (b on #2-5) and Stan Levey (d).

RICHIE KAMUCA Octet: Richie Kamuca (ts), Conte Candoli, Ed Leddy (tp), Frank Rosolino (tb), Bill Holman (bs), Vince Guaraldi (p), Monty Budwig (b) and Stan Levey (d). Arrangements by Bill Holman.

Recording dates:
Track #1 at Forum Theatre, Los Angeles, July 28, 1956.
Tracks #2-5 at Vista de Oro Studio, Los Angeles, May 26, 1957.
Tracks #6-13 at Radio Recorders, Los Angeles, June 5, 1957.
Tracks #14-19 at Vista de Oro Studio, Los Angeles, May 27, 1957.

Note: In the original album #5 was mistakenly issued as “If You Were No One” and incorrectly credited to Bill Holman.

Original recordings produced by Dick Bock (#1), David Axelrod/Rich Vaughan (#2-5 & 14-19), and Red Clyde (#6-13).