Larry Ochs

Songs of the Wild Cave w/ Gerald Cleaver (ROG-0084)

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Songs of the Wild Cave w/ Gerald Cleaver

Larry Ochs

Rogue Art


RGT 155429




CD 12,39 €

Fall 2016, southwest France. Guided by its owner, Larry Ochs and Gerald Cleaver visit the Portel cave, a Magdalenian painted cave. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, given how few visits are allowed so as not to endanger the parietal works. The cave paintings’ preservation imperatives do not allow for the recording to take place in the cave itself; it took place on the next day, in another cave, similar in its layout, but not painted. Absolute darkness and silence. Gerald and Larry are still imbued with the eve. The session was short, incredibly dense. Having given their all, Larry and Gerald were utterly exhausted by the end. Several years of preparation, intense efforts before, during, and after, two outstanding musicians, Vincent Mahey’s sublime work. The album is unique, the music exceptional. -Michel Dorbon


  • GERALD CLEAVER, drums, perscussion
  • LARRY OCHS, tenor and sopranino saxophone

Recorded on October 1st 2016 in the southwest of France.


  • 01. First Steps
  • 02. Into the Air
  • 03. Deeper
  • 04. Down
  • 05. Ringing It In
  • 06. Rooted in Clay
  • 07. Light from the Shadows