The Staples Jr. Singers

When Do We Get Paid (Limited Edition) (680899009911)

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When Do We Get Paid (Limited Edition)

The Staples Jr. Singers

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The Staples Jr. Singers were part of a vanguard of soul gospel artists in the 1970s that broke from tradition to testify with the groove. When they wrote these songs — all of them stone cold soul — they had one question on their minds: When Do We Get Paid?

Like many gospel groups at the time, the Staples Jr. Singers were a family band: Annie, A.R.C., and Edward Brown from Aberdeen, Mississippi. They were just teenagers when they started, in 1969—they named themselves after their idols (the Staple Singers, if we need to spell it out for you)—and they built a reputation by playing school talent shows and front yards near their hometown on the banks of the Tombigbee River, until they eventually began touring with regional acts on the gospel circuit.

Forty years, three generations, and countless performances later, the original members of the Staples Jr. Singers are still on the circuit, performing almost every weekend with their families. Although they don’t go by the Staples Jr. Singers anymore—they changed their name to the Brown Singers in the late 70s, then marriage made two bands out of one: Annie Brown Caldwell formed a gospel dynasty of her own, the Caldwell Singers, with her husband and daughters.


  • Annie Brown Caldwell - (vocals)
  • Edward Brown - (vocals)
  • A.R.C. Brown - (guitar)
  • Ronnel Brown - (bass)
  • Corl Walker - (drums)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Get On Board
  • A2. I Know You're Going to Miss Me
  • A3. I'm Looking For A Man
  • A4. I'm Going To A City
  • A5. Somebody Save Me
  • A6. Trouble of the World
  • A7. Waiting For The Trumpet To Sound
  • SIDE B
  • B1. I Feel Good
  • B2. When Do We Get Paid
  • B3. On My Journey Home
  • B4. Too Close
  • B5. Send It On Down
  • B6. I Got a New Home