Oiro Pena

Cooper's Test (Limited Edition) (ULTRA-033)

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Cooper's Test (Limited Edition)

Oiro Pena



LPS 168429




LP 24,78 €

In the age of the internet and social media, where we seem to know every detail about an artist or project before it emerges, it’s refreshing to bring some mystery into the mix. With their latest LP, Oiro Pena’s “Cooper's Test”, the Finnish imprint, Ultraääni Records, has done just that.

The product of a shadowy, amorphous band, with no commitment to a given style, working their way through - at least in this moment - the paces of fiery jazz, it’s an inspiring blast of creativity from one of the unique contexts of European experimental sound.


  • Antti Vauhkonen - (drums)
  • Johannes Sarjasto - (saxophone)
  • Philip Holm - (double bass)
  • Staffan ''Wolf'' Södergård - (piano)


  • SIDE A
  • Cooper's Test (part 1) ......... 19:39
  • SIDE B
  • Cooper's Test (part 2) ........ 16:41