Cosmic Analog Ensemble

Expo Botanica (Limited Edition) (3516628381911)

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Expo Botanica (Limited Edition)

Cosmic Analog Ensemble



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'Expo Botanica' features sixteen instrumental tracks, each one is the theme for the imagined life of a plant. Capturing the carefree innocence of the playground in its meandering melodies, 'Expo Botanica' could easily be the soundtrack to a 1970's children's film, harking back to an era of composers like Piero Umiliani.

Side A sets a tranquil atmosphere with whimsical European-style cinematic soundtracks, while Side B serves up infectious organ grooves, funk-laden breaks and tumbling Oriental psychedelic pop melodies.

Recorded in Beirut, Lisbon & Paris in 2020-2021


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Executive Summary
  • A2. La Grande Bellezza
  • A3. Le Cinema Interieur
  • A4. Vol de Jour
  • A5. Ohms and Watts
  • A6. Version des Faits
  • A7. A Bras le Coeur
  • A8. Le Droit a l'Oubli
  • A9. La Corde Sensible
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Holy Mackerel!
  • B2. Parachute Jellyfish
  • B3. The Age of the Interrobang
  • B4. Unlearning to Swim
  • B5. Ever So Slightly
  • B6. Public Transit Limited
  • B7. Mare Nostrum