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Hasretim - Cd + Dvd (ECM 2330-31)

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Hasretim - Cd + Dvd

Marc Sinan



ECM 136517

ECM 2330-31



Hasretim - Cd + Dvd

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“Hasretim” (“My Longing”) is a unique project. In 2010, guitarist-composer Marc Sinan, together with Dresdner Sinfoniker director Markus Rindt, undertook a journey to Anatolia. Sinan’s mother’s family had originally come from the Turkish Black sea coast, so this was a kind of homecoming, as well as a search for musical roots and cultural identity. It was also more than this.

Before setting out, the travelers had asked themselves some fundamental musical-philosophical questions. Such as: why don’t contemporary Turkish composers and players look to their incredibly rich folk traditions for inspiration? As Sinan asks, “Why is there no National School?” Where are the Turkish composers documenting regional music and incorporating it into other musical forms? Where is the language of contemporary music that can trace its roots back to the court music of the sultans, or which has evolved from folk forms?


MARC SINAN: guitar

Traditional musicians from Turkey:
Mustafa Boztüy: darbuka / framedrum
Güç Basar Gülle: oud
Ömeran Satir: kaval
Onur Sentürk: kemençe
Erdem Simsek: saz

Traditional musicians from Armenia:
Oguz Büyüberber: clarinet
Araik Bartikian, Vazgen Makaryan: duduk / zurna
Dresdner Sinfoniker: Andreas Winkler: violin
Lena Thies: viola
Benjamin Schwarz: violoncello
Scott White: double bass
Sascha Friedl: flute / alto flute
Katrin Paulitz: flute / alto flute
Norman Weidmann: clarinet
Friedemann Seidlitz: bass clarinet
Thomas Eberhardt: bassoon / bass bassoon
Mathias Gunnarsson: trumpet
Helge von Niswandt: trombone
Rolf Zielke: prepared piano
Stefan Rindt: percussion
Jonathan Stockhammer: conductor
Andrea Molino: arrangement / orchestration
Marc Sinan / Markus Rindt: idea and concept