Franziska Baumann

Interzones Vol. 1 W/ Christoph Baumann (CD LR 787)

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Interzones Vol. 1 W/ Christoph Baumann

Franziska Baumann

Leo Records


LEO 150847

CD LR 787



Interzones Vol. 1 W/ Christoph Baumann

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The musical inventions of Franziska Baumann (singer, soundartist/composer, a pioneer in “new vocalities” and gestural live electronics) and Christoph Baumann (piano, prepared piano) breathe with spectacular soundscapes and songlike sequences, rhythm pulses, rough sound eruptions and chambermusic sequences, strong melody clips and unorthodox sounds. Driven by this high energetic mixture INTERZONES represents not only a meeting between two musicians who have explored voice and piano as multi-faceted instruments expanding traditional boundaries, it is also interlinks zones between contemporary music, performance and current forms of improvisation.


FRANZISKA BAUMANN, vocals. electronic

Zürich, Switzaerland, September 18 & 19, 2016


01. Puls 105
02 Coming Into Things
03. Fixed After Your Hand And Purpose (Five Impros)
04. Daily Entropy ( De Bus Fahrt Ab)
05. Elektrofunkel
06. Operatic Line
07. Fast and the Fury
08. Do We Have A Situation ? ( My One and Only Love)
09. Piece Nº3
10. Part I (Messiaen Mode 3)