Gabor Szabo

In Budapest Again (KAR CD 014)

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In Budapest Again

Gabor Szabo

Moiras Records


GEN 155493

KAR CD 014



CD 12,39 €


Collection of unreleased Hungarian recordings of Gábor Szabó from 1978-81. Features tracks from a concert in Hotel Hilton, Budapest, in collaboration with Hungarian artists like Kati Bontovics, Gyula Babos, János Másik and István Lerch and his last recording titled 'From A Dream', recorded in the studio of the Hungarian TV.


  • SZABÓ GÁBOR, guitar
  • BABOS GYULA, guitar
  • BONTOVICS KATI, vocals
  • DANDÓ PÉTER, bass guitar
  • DÉS LÁSZLÓló, tenor saxophone
  • GARAI ATTILA, piano
  • LERCH ISTVÁN, keyboards
  • SZEGI IMRE, drums, percussion
  • MÁSIK JÁNOS, Fender piano
  • SIPOS ENDRE, bass guitar
  • SOLTI JÁNOS, drums, percussion

Recorded in 2018 Kept Alive Records, Budapest, Hungary


  • 01. Concorde (Nightflight)
  • 02. Magic Mystic Faces
  • 03. Django Pt. 1-2.
  • 04. Killing Me Softly
  • 05. The Last Song
  • 06. The Biz
  • 07. From A Dream