Christian Weber

3 Suites and a Violin (JAZZ)

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OGY 634

3 Suites and a Violin

Christian Weber



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3 Suites and a Violin

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A new important electro-acoustic improvisation ensembles with Hans Koch, Michael Moser, Martin Siewert & Christian Wolfarth. (Michael Moser and Martin Siewert are members of Polwechsel)

From the liner notes:

What Christian Weber and Co. have achieved on 3 Suits & A Violin is a music that eschews formulaic approaches and instead temper their group sound in dense laminations of texture and sonic residue. The result is an arresting music which combines elements of group-improvised minimalism, electro-acoustic improvisation and avant-garde chamber music into a texturally rich exploration of detailed noise texture... In Christian Weber’s work noise has become closely connected to the repertoire, that his music sits very comfortably within this, as if to question if, then, noise has such a natural and reflexive occurrence on the instrumental practice, so then, he constructs pieces which are bathed in these static residues and phantom details. – Dean M. Roberts


Christian Weber (double bass)
Hans Koch (bass clarinet, saxophones, electronics)
Michael Moser (cello)
Martin Siewert (guitar, lap steel, electronics)
Christian Wolfarth (drums)

Recorded at DRS Radio Studio 2 on September 13 & 14, 2002.