Paul Bley

12 (+6) in a Row (JAZZ)

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OGY 649

12 (+6) in a Row

Paul Bley



HAT 124749



12 (+6) in a Row

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From the liner notes:

As in any improvised music, there are challenges accepted, risks taken. Bley himself has suggested, as a measure of the success of free spontaneous music, asking «Is it eventful?» The next step, I propose, would be to ask oneself if each event is meaningful? (with the understanding that each listener will apply his/her own definition of that word to their personal response). For me, the music on this disc is beautiful, humorous, provocative, confusing, even at times elegiac. All of which makes it undeniably human, and worth sharing. — Art Lange


Paul Bley (piano)
Hans Koch (clarinets, saxophones)
Franz Koglmann (flugelhorn)

Recorded in Switzerland, May 23 & 24, 1990.