Aka Moon

Opus 111 (OUT 664)

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Opus 111

Aka Moon



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OUT 664



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With their cross pollination of jazz, world music and avant-garde, the trio Aka Moon has been causing a furore for years. After projects focusing on classical composers like Monteverdi and Bach, the band now dives into the world of Beethoven. For this, the trio is expanding into a very special sextet. Pianist Fabian Fiorini is a regularly returning guest of Aka Moon. The Portuguese accordion virtuoso João Barriadas has already collaborated with jazz greats like Greg Osby, Mark Turner and Avishai Cohen. The Congolese singer Fredy Massamba was one of the founders of the Tambours de Brazza and has worked with figures including Zap Mama, Didier Awadi and Alain Platel. Aka Moon took the many African, Indian, and Arab music traditions as its starting point. But they are no strangers to classical projects too.


  • Fabrizio Cassol - alto saxophone
  • Michel Hatzigeorgiou - electric bass
  • Stéphane Galland - drums
  • Fredy Massamba - vocals
  • Fabian Fiorini - piano
  • João Barradas - accordion


  • 01. Opening 1.1.1
  • 02. Chindila
  • 03. Sonate 32
  • 04. Bee Is Black
  • 05. Lichnowsky Cadenza
  • 06. The Melancholia Of L.
  • 07. She Talks To Beethoven
  • 08. Watumbu
  • 09. Beyond Lands
  • 10. The Black Spaniard
  • 11. Mr Joy
  • 12. Towards The Stars With Ludwig