Zeena Parkins - Mette Rasmussen - Ryan Sawyer

Glass Triangle (RPR 1118)

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Glass Triangle

Zeena Parkins - Mette Rasmussen - Ryan Sawyer

Relative Pitch


RPR 162777

RPR 1118



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Zeena Parkins, Mette Rasmussen and Ryan Sawyer in a new formation voicing string, breath and bell, harp, horn and drum speaking sparkling messages and hand-written letters of a Chain of New Hopes, back and forth, from the past and future dreams of a world in which efficiency would not be and will not be, the way to justice.


  • Zeena Parkins - electric harp
  • Mette Rasmussen - alto saxophone
  • Ryan Sawyer - percussion

Recorded at Thump Recording Studios June 19, 2019


  • 01. Begiunners, Begges, Beattle, Belt, Believers
  • 02. Nat Bygone, Just Biggone
  • 03. Flod of Trees
  • 04. The Crystal Chain Letters
  • 05. Merlin and the Gleam
  • 06. Melts into Surface