Taj-Mahal Travellers, The

August 1974 (Limited Edition) (ZORN52)

August 1974 (Limited Edition) View larger


August 1974 (Limited Edition)

Taj-Mahal Travellers, The



LPS 163182




LP 24,78 €

Gatefold 2LP version

limited edition

180 gram vinyl

Originally issued as a double LP with each of the 4 tracks being roughly the same length as the side of a record, August 1974 presents the Taj Mahal Travellers at their most sophisticated. Although their stunning cosmic music was always improvised, the band, formed in 1969 by "six meta-music creators and one electronic engineer" played regularly throughout Japan and eventually found their way to Europe where they met up with avant-garde musicians such as Don Cherry. 1974 would be the band's last official release as they went their separate ways the following year with all but Takehisa Kosugi, leaving music behind them. Each track is distinct from the others, with several beginning with clearly-defined structure before departing into the realms of the abstract, with violin, harmonica, bass, tuba, trumpet and mandolin dueting in a subliminal and obscure manner. "Voices" both subhuman and supernatural, resonate with a universal inner voice.


  • SIDE A: Untitled ..... 19:45
  • SIDE B: Untitled ..... 21:26
  • SIDE C: Untitled ..... 23:25
  • SIDE D: Untitled ..... 3:25