Michel Magne

Musique Tachiste (Limited Edition) (5060099504464)

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Musique Tachiste (Limited Edition)

Michel Magne

Finders Keepers


LPS 163378




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As the debut release on Finders Keepers’ new experimental/jazz/avant-garde imprint, Cacophonic release the first in a series of rare records by French experimentalist Michel Magne. One of the very earliest full-length French concept albums - part rad- ical manifesto, part pantomime. This anti-intellectual "physical" reaction to the bourgeoning musique concrete movement combines found sounds and industrial noise with piano jazz alongside impos- ing avant-garde orchestral elements alongside Magne's own ham- mered cimbalom flourishes.

This unique debut LP also provides an early insight into a fruitful soundtrack/conceptual jazz career collab- orating with Jean-Claude Vannier, Martal Solal and Artie Kaplan as well as founding the French Strawberry Studio at Cha^teau d' He´rouville where French groups like Magma, Catherine Ribeiro, Brigitte Fontaine and Ange shared a diary with Terry Riley and Pink Floyd.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Me´moire D'un Trou
  • A2. Self Service
  • A3. Carillon Dans L'eau Bouillante
  • A4. Me´ta-Me´canique Saccadëe
  • A5. Pointes De Feu Amorties Au Dolosal
  • A6. Larmes En Saule Pleureur
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Concertino Triple - Mouvement 1 (Rire)
  • B2. Concertino Triple - Mouvement 2 (Priére)
  • B3. Concertino Triple - Mouvement 3 (Amour)