Pharoah Sanders

Rejoice (TR 112/113)

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Pharoah Sanders

Pure Pleasure


LPS 163572

TR 112/113



LP 43,79 €

2X 180 gram LP

gatefold sleeve


Rejoice features Pharoah Sanders in excellent form in 1981. Sanders sounds much more mellow than he had a decade earlier, often improvising in a style similar to late-'50s John Coltrane, particularly on "When Lights Are Low," "Moments Notice," and "Central Park West." The personnel changes on many of the selections and includes such top players as pianists Joe Bonner and John Hicks, bassist Art Davis, drummers Elvin Jones and Billy Higgins, vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson, trombonist Steve Turre, trumpeter Danny Moore, a harpist, and (on "Origin" and "Central Park West") five vocalists. The music always holds one's interest, making this one of Sanders' better later recordings.


  • Pharoah Sanders - tenor sax
  • Art Davis - bass on A1, C1 to D1
  • Steve Turre - trombone on C1 to D1
  • Danny Moore - trumpet on C1 to D1
  • Bobby Hutcherson - vibraphone on A1, C1, C3
  • George V. Johnson Jr. - vocals
  • Joe Bonner - piano on A1 to B2, D2, D3
  • John Hicks - piano on C1 to D1
  • Billy Higgins - drums on C1 to D1
  • Elvin Jones - A1, B1


  • SIDE A:
  • A1. Rejoice
  • SIDE B:
  • B1. Highlife
  • B2.Nigerian Juju Hilife
  • SIDE C:
  • C1. Origin
  • C2.When Lights Are Low
  • C3. Moments Notice
  • SIDE D:
  • 01. Central Park West
  • 02. Ntjilo Ntjilo Bird Song
  • 03.Farah