J. Peter Schwalm

How We Fall (5060197761554)

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How We Fall

J. Peter Schwalm

Rare Noise Records


DRJ 163659




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Jan Peter Schwalm is a German composer and music producer, best known for his collaborations with ambient music pioneer Brian Eno, including the album Drawn From Life (Opal, 2001). Since 2006 Schwalm has been a regular guest at Norway's Punktfestival, distinguishing himself as a live remixer. He has also developed a long- term partnership with Norwegian experimental guitarist Eivind Aarset and British bassist Tim Harries, both of whom appear on this album on several tracks each, together or individually.

The nine compositions on this album—all running for eight minutes or less—were produced in a relatively short time by Schwalm's usual standards. Together they present a cohesive ambient sound-world, while still having distinct individual identities. It is easy to hear Schwalm's creative compatibility with Eno: it would be possible to mistake this for an Eno album if listening only to brief sound samples.


  • J.Peter Schwalm - guitars, pianos, electronic devices
  • Eivind Aarset - additional guitars on 1,3, 4, 5, 8, 9
  • Tim Harries - additional bass on 1,4, 5, 6, 7, 9 IV)


  • 01. Strofort
  • 02. Battenfeld
  • 03. Auua
  • 04. Ibra
  • 05. Gangesthal
  • 06. Stormbruch
  • 07. Clingon
  • 08. Musles
  • 09. Singlis