Embryo' s Rache (Gatefold - Colored Vinyl) (LON006LP)

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Embryo' s Rache (Gatefold - Colored Vinyl)


Materiali Sonori


LPS 163870




LP 22,30 €

Coloured vinyl limited edition

180 gram remastered

A cornerstone in European experimental and popular modern composition. Formed around the core of jazz vibrafonist Christian Burchard and drummer Dieter Serfas, the band started their career in Munich in 1969. 40 years later, more than 300 musicians have passed thru' their ranks, from their colleagues of Amon Duül II (Lother Meid, Chris Karrer, Jimmy Jackson), Xhol (Hansi Fischer), Between (Roberto Detree, Peter Hamel) to renowned jazzmen (Charlie Mariano, Mal Waldron) or countless musicians from around the world (Yoruba Dun Dun Orchester, Okay Temiz & Oriental Wind, Karnataka College Of Percussion, Mahmoud Gania, Xizhi Nie), making Embryo an ever-changing but always interesting collective of musicians. This is where it all began. Originally released by Ohr in 1970, Embryo's legendary debut was an inventive piece of progressive jazz-rock spiced-up with free moves and soaked in a late '60s psychedelic atmosphere.


  • Edgar Hofmann - soprano sax, violin
  • Hansi Fisher - flute, percussion
  • Cristhian Burchard - drums


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Tausendfübler
  • A2. Time
  • a) I Can´t Wait
  • b) Eva´s Wolke
  • A3. Revenge
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Esoagna Si, Franco No
  • 02. Sittin´at the Moon
  • 03. Verwandlung