Piero Umiliani

News! News! News! (Limited Edition) (697478711745)

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News! News! News! (Limited Edition)

Piero Umiliani

Musica Per Immagini


LP 163941




LP 22,30 €

The incomparable Piero Umiliani (under his mysterious Moggi moniker) weighs in with another killer library gem of 1979. “News! News! News!” was originally released in few copies on the small imprint Sound Work Shop, both label and recording studio owned by the cult maestro. Musica Per Immagini gave another chance to its eleven amazing electronic and jazz tracks played by some of the best musicians who took part in the golden age of Italian music libraries. This sought-after album is the way the composer tried to tell us what were the experimental and futuristic sounds of the old media world, especially on paper, to which he has always been drawn. The titles of the tracks refer, not surprisingly, to a series of technical terms and some tools of journalism. “News! News! News!” thus represents the 'draft' of a different story of a fascinating music without borders, not necessarily composed for documentaries or films. Simply brilliant!


  • SIDE A
  • A1 Telescriventi
  • A2 Telescriventi
  • A3 News!
  • A4 Inchiesta
  • A5 Scoop
  • A6 Prima Pagina
  • A7 Ultimissime
  • SIDE B
  • B1 Fatto Di Cronaca
  • B2 Rotativa
  • B3 Elzeviro
  • B4 Edizione Straordinaria
  • B5 Dossier
  • B6 Top Secret