Portico Quartet

Memory Streams, 2019 (GONDLP034)

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Memory Streams, 2019

Portico Quartet

Gondwana Records


LPS 165006




LP 20,64 €

Brits Portico Quartet always had very special place on British nu jazz scene since they arrived more than a decade ago. Among very firsts in a genre their sound was closer to Brian Eno ambient than melodic chamber jazz/songs-oriented soft fusion of their scene's colleagues. But even more important - their ambient-jazz was very organic thanks to the use of exotic "hang"(form of steel-pan) instead of modern electronics of more club-oriented bands.

They received an early fame and some decline, changes in line-up and hardly successful flirting with vocal-based pop. With Memory Streams they return back to basis and it's their true return to form of sort.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. With, Beside, Against
  • A2. Signals In The Dusk
  • A3. Gradient
  • A4. Ways Of Seeing
  • A5. Memory Palace
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Offset
  • B2. Dissident Gardens
  • B3. Double Helix
  • B4. Immediately Visible