Roland Bocquet

Paradia (Limited Edition) (WRWTFWW053)

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Paradia (Limited Edition)

Roland Bocquet



LPS 166284




LP 24,78 €

Roland Bocquet who created this album has been the keyboard player for the French rock band Catharsis from the late 1960s to 1977. Paradia is his first solo album and there were more to come.

Paradia is a mostly instrumental record with a very lightweight expression. Melodies and rhythms are quite gentle but sometimes take the one or another dramatic twist and turn. Bocquet mixes samba, flamenco, European folk and classics, chanson and dreamy space pop to achieve a music actually easy to access but with a long – lasting effect on the listener

You can only sit and listen and make your mind wander through the beautiful landscapes of sound and return to your reality enriched and enlightened.


  • Didier Dufresne - bass
  • Gérard Geoffroy - flute
  • Roland Bocquet - piano, syntheziser
  • Maxime Goetz - guitar


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Fête
  • A2. Paradia
  • A3. Djerba
  • A4. La Suite D'Elsa
  • SIDE B
  • B1. La Marche Des Canards
  • B2. L'abeille
  • B3. Exotique
  • B4. Bee Flat
  • B5. L'allumette
  • B6. T'aime Libanais