Misa Blam

Secanja (Limited Edition) (YU003LP)

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Secanja (Limited Edition)

Misa Blam



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Miša Blam’s - Secanja (Memories), one of the most sought of, rarest and cult ex-Yugoslavian jazz LP’s - is finally reissued, sourced and fully licensed straight from vaults of Jugodisk (Belgrade, Serbia). And where better than on the Everland’s Everland-Yu imprint dedicated to the unheard sound of Yugoslavia!

This LP, kept tight in private ex-Yu collectors cabinets and championed by jazz dance DJ’s across the planet, was recorded in 1979 and released in only 1000 copies in 1980 by the Beograd Disk label. The LP is filled with jazz-funk, bop styles, latin jazz and even Gospel live recordings by the Golden gate quartet (recorded by Miša himself) all accompanied by the crème de la crème of Yugoslavia’s jazz-funk instrumentalists at the time (Jelenko Milakovic, Lazar Tošic, Stjepko Gut, Jovan Maljokovic, Josip bocek…).

Miša Blam (1947 - 2014) was an influential Serbian jazz composer, arranger, publicist, festival organizer and Radio-Television Belgrade’s long-time collaborator (jazz and folk orchestras, recording engineer, music director…).


  • Miša Blam - bass
  • Dane Popovski, Dino Maljokovic, Jelenko Milakovic, Lazar Tošic, Luka Boškovicc -
  • drums
  • Josip Bocek - electric guitar
  • Stjepko Gut - flugelhorn
  • Bora Dugic - flute
  • Dany Reval , Milenko Prodanovic, Miša Krstic, Sloba Markovic - keyboards
  • Jova Maljokovic - tenor & soprano sax
  • Calvin Williams, Clyde Riddick, Orlandus Wilson, Paul Brambly - vocals

Recorded at studio "Košutnjak", October 1979.


  • SIDE A
  • A1 Dobro Jutro
  • A2 Secanje
  • A3 Golden Gate Quartet
  • A4 Bocekova Balada
  • A5 J. S. Bach Šala
  • A6 Golden Gate Quartet (Liv)
  • SIDE B
  • B1 Uvelo Lišce
  • B2 Idemo Odmah
  • B3 Sedam Dvadesetpet
  • B4 Insert 12