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Luaka Bop


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Utopia is a tale of juxtaposition. On one hand, the music paints an idyllic and dynamic soundscape. Lead single "Højder" springs with bright, twinkling keys - part wurlitzer, part piano - balanced by a warm, sauntering bassline that has the feel of a tango. Others, like "Tusmørke" lean more into the jazz lane, a sultry nighttime tune sizzling with violins and dubbed out keys.

On the other hand, Utopia was by no means made under ideal circumstances. The duo battled constant technical difficulties - exploding reel-to-reel machines, a mixing board that constantly broke down - as if haunted by the malfunctioning gear. On top of that, Bremer was going through a divorce, which made recording a struggle at times.

Nonetheless, Utopia encapsulates what Bremer/McCoy do best: kaleidoscopic instrumental music, touching a multiverse of genre that evokes passion and promotes contemplation from the listener.


  • Bremer/McCoy band-orchestra
  • Morten McCoy (piano)
  • Jonathan Bremer (bass, acoustic)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Åben Bog
  • A2. Højder
  • A3. Bjerget
  • A4. Tusmørke
  • A5. Salme
  • A6. Vega
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Solopgang
  • B2. Vågner
  • B3. Op
  • B4. Dråber
  • B5. Determination