Maria Teresa Luciani

Sounds of the City (Limited Edition) (FKR093LP)

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Sounds of the City (Limited Edition)

Maria Teresa Luciani

Finders Keepers


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LP 16,51 €

An amazing sonic portrait of the modern city – one created on the early 70s Italian scene, but lost to the shifting sands of time, due to its release as a sound library-only album!

We've heard Maria Teresa Luciani on a few other records of this nature – but this one may well be her greatest – music that's beyond categorization in the way it presents its subject – not really jazz or soundtrack styles at all, but also not some sort of too-modern compositional idiom either. Instead, the whole thing seems to make some sort of honest, organic sense – as it presents differing aspects of the city, both residential and commercial, public and private – often with a sense of darkness in the immediate approach, but also with a current of hope at times too.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. The Poor Neighborhood
  • A2. Supermarket
  • A3. The Port
  • A4. Courtyards Citizens
  • A5. Power Station
  • A6. Luna Park
  • A7. Traffic
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Between Town And Country
  • B2. Public Gardens
  • B3. Modern Residential Complex
  • B4. Marshalling Yard
  • B5. International Airport
  • B6. Sunday In Town