Alabaster DePlume

Gold (789993991648)

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Alabaster DePlume

International Anthem Recording Co.


GEN 167689




CD 15,69 €


Gold is a sonorous double album that celebrates the communal act of making music and the relationships that can be explored when you purposefully avoid the standard way of doing things.

It contains filmic pieces that oscillate between the otherworldly and the trenchantly grounded, rendered maximally human through the recording process. There is laughter mid-track and studio chatter. There is the music of shouting and applause generated by a handful of people who were listening from the doorframe and the corridor. Complex vocal harmonies circle the songs like small birds and there’s an undercurrent of steely toughness, necessitated by the musician’s engagement with personal vulnerability and collective politics


  • Alabaster DePlume (tenor sax, guitar, synths and voice)
  • Falle Nioke (voice, percussion)
  • Rozi Plain (guitar)
  • Sarathy Korwar (drums, tabla)
  • Tom Skinner (drums)
  • Kenichi Iwasa (percussion)
  • James Howard (guitar)
  • Tom Herbert (double bass)
  • Natalie Pela (voice)
  • Rosa Slade (voice)
  • Elly Condron (voice)
  • Luisa Gerstein (voice)
  • Matt Webb (double bass)
  • Michael Chestnutt (synths)
  • Ursula Russell (drums)
  • Conrad Singh (guitar)
  • Hannah Miller (cello and voice)
  • Donna Thompson (voice)
  • Paddy Steer (synths and percussion)
  • Danalogue (voice and synths)
  • Matthew Bourne (piano)
  • Dilip Harris (Small clone and mimeophon)


  • 01 Gente Acaba
  • 02 Don't Forget You're Precious
  • 03 Fucking Let Them
  • 04 The World Is Mine
  • 05 The Sound Of My Feet On This Earth Is A Song To Your Spirit
  • 06 I'm Gonna Say Seven
  • 07 Do You Know A Human Being When You See One?
  • 08 Visitors YT15B – Jerusalem, Palestine
  • 09 I'm Good At Not Crying
  • 10 Now (Stars Are Lit)
  • 11 Again (feat. Falle Nioke)
  • 12 Mrs Calamari
  • 13 People – What's The Difference
  • 14 Visitors XT8B – Oak
  • 15 Who Is A Fool
  • 16 I Will Not Be Safe
  • 17 Visitors YT15 – Krupp Steel Condition Pivot
  • 18 Broken Like
  • 19 Now (Pink Triangle, Blue Valley)