Lothar & the Hand People

Machines - Amherst 1969 (Limited Edition) (090771805317)

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Machines - Amherst 1969 (Limited Edition)

Lothar & the Hand People

Modern Harmonic


LPS 168129




LP 28,91 €

Lothar And The Hand People emerged as one of the earliest pioneers to mix electronics into rock, incorporating theremin and synthesizers into their sonic onslaught. Led by Lothar (a theremin) and his cast of digit possessing musicians wielding guitar, bass, drums, and one of the first (and largest) modular Moogs!

This, their first ever live album, captures them with the passion and energy that can only come from a band’s final show before Lothar was forever unplugged.


  • John Emelin - (vocals)
  • Paul Conly - (keyboards)
  • Kim King - (guitar)
  • Rusty Ford - (bass)
  • Tom Flye - (drums)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Intro
  • A2. Machines
  • A3. Comic Strip
  • A4. What Grows On Your Head
  • A5. This Is It
  • A6. Torture
  • A7. Midnight Ranger
  • SIDE B
  • B1. It Comes On Anyhow
  • B2. Ha (Ho)
  • B3. Today Is Only Yesterday's Tomorrow
  • B4. Sdrawkcab