Brother Jack McDuff

Moon Rappin' (Blue Note Classic Vinyl Series) (602445352050)

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Moon Rappin' (Blue Note Classic Vinyl Series)

Brother Jack McDuff

Blue Note


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LP 24,78 €

Blue Note Classic Vinyl Edition

pressed on 180g vinyl at Optimal

Brother Jack McDuff was already a well-established and prolific organist who led his own soul jazz bands throughout the 1960s when he came to Blue Note Records in 1969. Following his label debut Down Home Style, McDuff made one of the most creatively ambitious albums of his career with Moon Rappin’, which was released in 1970.

The album featured 5 funky, spaced-out McDuff originals including hard-grooving numbers like “Flat Backin’” and “Loose Foot,” as well innovative tracks like “Moon Rappin’” and “Oblighetto,” which would later be permanently ingrained into hip hop history when it was sampled by A Tribe Called Quest as the foundation of 2 of their all-time classic tracks: “Scenario” and “Check the Rhime.”


  • Bill Phillips - (tenor sax, flute)
  • Brother Jack McDuff - (organ)
  • Jerry Byrd - (guitar)
  • Richard Davis - (bass)
  • Joe Dukes - (drums)

Recorded At Soundview Recording Studio In Kings Park, NY, December 1969


  • SIDE A
  • A1: Flat Backin
  • A2: Oblighetto
  • SIDE B
  • B1: Moon Rappin'
  • B2: Made In Sweden
  • B3: Loose Foot