Souvenir (Limited Edition) (810874023872)

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Souvenir (Limited Edition)


Innovate Leisure


LPS 168352




LP 24,78 €

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby was a work so filled with ambition, yearning, and inner contradictions that it came to represent the condition of a nation itself. Yet, at its core, the slim novel tells a story about people and, more often than not, their inability to communicate and connect.

In 2018, composer/producer Frank Maston was living in Paris, working on new music when he was introduced to Geneva based band L’Eclair. Blown away by what he heard, there seemed to be a mutual understanding and appreciation for that loungey, groovy world of library and soundtrack music from the seventies. An immediate thought occurred to him - what if he could record with this simpatico group backing him up? The result is the colorful and kinetic album Souvenir.


  • Sébastien Bui - (synthesizer)
  • Elie Ghersinu - (bass)
  • Stefan Lilov - (guitar)
  • Yavor Lilov - (drums)
  • Alain Sandri - (percussion)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. L'eau Bleue
  • A2. Les Monstres
  • A3. Do You Feel It Working?
  • A4. Souvenir
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Ghost
  • B2. Collonge Café
  • B3. The Doors Are Opening
  • B4. Swiss Franc